Yuri in pointillism

This was the first idea jumps into my head. Yuri in pointillism! This is a scene in the last episode right before ‘See You Next Level’ and long hair yuri made his first appearance! An iconic scene which I GOT to pointillism it…

Pointillism began in France at the end of the 19th century which small spots of pure colour fill the whole picture. I was using copic markers for this picture.

A bit struggling on colour choosing… Bigger point for large area and smaller point for fine detail.

Trying to leave WHITE between each spot.

No colour blending except the background.


Pointillism MUST be done by hands! It’s no point to do it with digital. The imperfectly perfect is its selling point: no dot is a 100% perfect circle and thus beauty was born from this imperfectness. Digital is just too perfect for pointillism... But work on other art style though!