Warrnambool Host 住家

上圖是Katherine Stewart與Don Stewart夫婦,他們是Christine老公Aidan的父母,而我則是來澳洲參加Christine的婚禮,Stewart老家在Warrnambool(距離墨爾本約三小時車程),我們一行人就在Stewart老家過聖誕。




畫這幅畫的時候,我們正在看美國喜劇Malcolm in the Middle,Don看得太投入而手舞足蹈,又將手上的杯子放了在地下,我不識趣地多次提醒「要乖乖坐好」,Don慨嘆:「這(做模特)比我想像中更難啊!」








This is Katherine and Don Stewart. They are mum and dad of Aidan. Aidan is Christine’s husband and I came to Australia for Christine’s wedding. The Stewarts were living in Warrnambool ( 3 hours’ drive from Melbourne). We spent the Christine with the Stewarts.


Katherine and Don are so sweet. They were both very kind-hearted and friendly and devout Catholics.


We were watching the American TV comedy ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ when Katherine and Don modeling for this picture. Don enjoyed the comedy very much and he kept waving his hands happily. And he even put his cup on the floor… I was (too) straight and kept asking him ‘to sit still’. Don sighed and said, ‘Oh, this (modeling) was much harder than I thought!’


Katherine was a good person. She opened her home and invited the refugees to stay with them for a few days. This even on the paper.

She and her friends would demonstrate in front of the local government court for different social issues.


She always laughed at me, ‘Oh, you’re taking photos again…’

I went back to Hong Kong when I finished my Australia trip and she messaged me and asked, ‘I want to buy a camera! Which brand are you using?’

And she DID really buy a nice camera. She took lots of photos and putting them on fb happily.

Um, I guessed Katherine like photography and my act as a crazy photographer was just a detonation. I am so happy if I really did affect somebody (in a good way) by loyal to my passion!


And Katherine was my first online customer when I first started to sell my postcards on the internet. That was the first time a real action was taken in the ‘real’ world triggered by the ‘fake’ internet.

Katherine, thanks for your support!


似足唱片封面! It just like a CD cover

人比花嬌! Bonita!
人比花嬌! Bonita!

yeah, We are the crazy photographer

Christine and Aidan

Christine and Aidan