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Australia is a big country with abundance food. And lots of FRUITS!

The Australian peaches (white and yellow) were expensive in Hong Kong but very cheap in Australia. So sweet and juicy, love them!

I am so happy that the Stewarts’ kitchen was built with an oven (essential for western families but rare in Chinese families). We made cakes, baked potatoes, baked pumpkins… yummy!


The Stewarts have a ‘Christmas breakfast’ tradition. Friends and relatives gathered in the Stewart house on Christmas morning. Everyone brought cakes, fruits, potato chips with them. The adults ate and talked in the big kitchen and the kids played in the piano room. It was fun!


Aunt & Uncle Choi brought kung fu tea set with them to Australia. And sometimes they cooked for us (Thanks!). Mum’s cooking always the best. Delicious!

甜桃之國Sweet peach country
著名的澳洲羊羊呀~The famous Aussie lamb~
著名的澳洲羊羊呀~The famous Aussie lamb!
人頭咁大! So big!
快餐fast food
剩食 'food waste'
阿媽出手無甩拖Mum cooking always is the best!
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有焗爐就是好Home baked cake!
home made cake
未食都知甜到漏Too sweet...
豐富早餐! Full breakfast!
有焗爐就是好x2 home made lunch
水果王國The kingdom of fruits
荔枝味! Litchi!
阿媽出手無甩拖Mum cooking always is the best
澳洲人眼中的唐餐...Chinese food in Aussies' eyes...
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