Sarah畫我 Me in Sarah's pen.

Sarah 是洗碗天才呀!! Sarah is excellent in cleaning!



我與Sarah是在Te Anau的巴士團遇見的,巴士團咁多人,通常都唔會識到人,在巴士團的最後一個景點,剛好有一舊兩米大石,全團人只有Sarah一人爬上大石,那時天朗氣清,光線剛好,我就在大石下連環拍,就係咁,之後我們在巴士雞啄唔斷,好投契。






我在Tekapo時,住的是Couchsurfing Host Adrien的家,Adrien又不介意多收留一人,而Adrien是觀星嚮導,夜晚返工、日頭瞓覺,反而我與Sarah一起的時間仲多過Couchsurfing Host Adrien。






I met Sarah from America in New Zealand. I like her a lot~!!


We met in a bus tour in Te Anau. People didn’t usually TALK in bus tour. But there was a 2-meters big rock in the last stop and Sarah was the only person who CLIMBS on the big rock. I took lots of photos of her climbing the rock and we TALKED. And we have lots of commons: art, travel, photos, writing…


Sarah was hiking in New Zealand on her own. She was wondering her next destination and she received my e mail saying ‘I am in Tekapo!’ at the very mean time.

Her friend next to her said, ‘You should go to Tekapo!’

So we met in Tekapo again!


I was living in Couchsurfing Host Adrien home in Tekapo. Adrien didn’t mind to host Sarah too. Adrien was a star gazing tour guide and he worked at night and sleep in day. I spend more time with Sarah than with my CS host.


I meet someone who I thought I would never meet again. Life is funny.

Sarah and I explored Tekapo together and we cook, draw and walk (a lot). So~happy~!!

When we were in Te Anau...