more than naked 

小劇場,無劃位,可盤腿坐最前排Small theatre, free seating, audiences can sit on the floor on the first few rows.

在「星人」劇場上演The show was in ‘starman’ theatre

劇場在藝術村,塗鴉很多Theatre is in the art village, lots of graffiti

藝術村好似由舊工廠改建而成Old factories turn into art village

劇場內的畫Drawing inside the theatre
劇場內的畫Drawing inside the theatre

劇場內男女共用的廁所!Unisex toilet in the theatre

雖然塔林的airbnb host、風景、食物都強差人意,可說是整段旅程最令人失望的地方,但在塔林看了一場在香港絕對看不到的現代舞,那場表演簡直驚為天人,真是可遇不可求,令我啓發良多,看到那場表演,在塔林再沮喪都值了!


那場表演叫赤祼之外(More Than Naked),創作者是Doris Uhlich,演出約一小時,2013年8月在ImPulsTanz維也納國際舞蹈節首演,賣點是:全員赤祼!


劇場後方只有一張長桌,Doris Uhlich身兼DJ,約廿位男女舞者赤裸上陣,高矮肥瘦都有,年約20至40歲,整場表演一句對白也無,舞者們表演不同動作,例如抖動不同部份的肌肉(肚腩、拜拜肉等),二、三人一組跳上跳下、叠人牆等等。












長者的皺紋身體與遲緩動作,往往不受推崇,落在Doris Uhlich手上,如何化腐朽為神奇呢?好期待呀……




大相攝影:© Theresa Rauter



Although the Airbnb host, scenery and food disappointed me a lot in Tallinn but I see a modern dance show which absolutely can’t be seen in Hong Kong. That performance is just absolutely amazing and inspired me a lot and it is my great fortune that I can see it. All the sadness in Tallinn would be worth just for seeing that performance!


The performance is called More Than Naked. The choreography is Doris Uhlich. The performance lasts around an hour. The Premiere was in ImPulsTanz/ International Dance Festival Vienna on August 2013 and the gimmick is: everyone is naked on stage!


There is a long table in the bottom part of the stage. Doris Uhlich is the DJ of the performance. There are around 20 naked dancers on stage from 20-40 years old with different body shape (tall, short, fat, thin). There is NO dialogue thought out the whole performance. Dancers performance different set of actions like shaking their muscles (belly, arm…etc), jumping up and down with a group of 2 to 3 people, human-wall building…etc.


I guess the dancers are exploring their bodies. Different bodies have different potential and demerit. A fat dancer can’t jump high but shake the body well. A thin dancer jump high but can’t shake the body well. There is no perfect or imperfect body. People are always have to co-operation in different situation.


The movement of the dancers is simple. They run, jump, walk and roll with the music. Audiences must have seen those movements before—just like a kid who just know how to walk and exploring its own body. The main difference is naked adults on stage.


Naked bodies always associated with fantasy. There are both male and female audiences in the theatre and the audiences knew there would be a ‘naked performance’ before they enter the theatre. The audiences are silent and sit still when they are facing 20+ naked bodies on stage in the beginning of the performance. The movement of the dancers evaluated (such as 1 person, then 2 persons, then 3 persons and more dancers joined in human-wall building) and the audiences understand the meaning of exploring bodies. Audiences even LAUGH in the end of the performance (if the human-wall building fail). This performance tore down the mask of the audiences and they can see beyond naked bodies with an exploring and interest of bodies.

Being naked can be a gimmick for publication and get rid of the bondage of clothing. Being naked can also exclude the power implement of clothing. Being naked is the most direct communication.

The audiences silent as adults in the beginning of the performance but laugh like a child when the show ends. This performance seems lead the audiences walking a journey of rejuvenate.


Art is always simple. A child runs and jumps everyday. When naked adults runs and jumps like kids, with chorography, with music and it becomes dancing, an art that can pass on concepts.



I wish there would be elder version!

Wrinkles on bodies and slow motion of elder people may not always be welcome in modern society. How would Doris Uhlich twist with this concept and turn it into art? I am so looking forward…



Official website:http://www.dorisuhlich.at/en/projects/29-more-than-naked

Cover photo:© Theresa Rauter