Street Art Walk Katoomba很有意思,就在YHA對面,那裏有幾橦公寓,大廈牆身全畫滿塗鴉,好靚呀~


澳洲政府對塗鴉好頭痛,SAMA(Street Art Murals Australia)致力令塗鴉規範化,所以塗鴉者必需事先申請,才能在指定地方、指定地點塗鴉,唔,這樣的確能確保作品質量,不過塗鴉原有的反抗精神就無咗啦……



Street Art Walk Katoomba was an interesting place. Just in front of the YHA. All walls were full with graffiti, beautiful!


The Australian government had a problem with graffiti. SAMA(Street Art Murals Australia)tried to made graffiti as a win-win situation. Anyone who wants to paint must apply for a permit. Then painters could do their graffiti in a fixed time and fixed area. Um, this could make sure every piece of work is ‘qualified’ but the rebel spirit in graffiti would be gone…

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Katoomba Street Art Walk