Denisse and I met in Hobart, Tasmania and she inspired me a lot about walking in nature.

I did the walking in Blue Mountain and was touched by its amazing beautiful nature so I wrote to Denisse:


Me: Hey denisse,


This is going to be a long letter....

I have just finished the 3 sisters walking and have so much on my mind...

First, I really want to thanks you to open the mountain walking door for me....

I kind of understand what you mean of "feeling peace when walking alone in the nature"

I did walk alone in Cradle Mountain in Tasmania but I felt a bit frightened then, I saw no one but just trees and somehow scared me a bit.

Me: I always think I am not that fit and have no confidence on my physical strength so I always pick the most easiest walk but today I walked down 900 steps and walked in the brushes and it was classified as "hard"!!

The guide board said it probably takes 2 hours to finish but I just took 1.5 hours!!

I am surprised that i can FINISH the walk and even finish it much faster than I expected!

Well, it seems my physical strength is not as weak as I thought! I was underestimated myself and actually I have quite a healthy body!

And I thought a lot today in the brush. Times seem to flow much slower when i was walking.

There was no one on the path but i don't feel scared. I can hear the birds, see the trees, feel the air and most importantly, i found myself in the brushes.

I hear my heart beat, feel the air breath in and loneliness gone and peace comes.

I was keep worrying the travel these days but it became bright clear and solved during the walk.

I was always too concern about money despite i know i have ENOUGH money for the whole journey. I should let it go and spend what should be spent.

Couchsurfing became money saving rather than meeting interesting people. I have decided I will do half Couchsurfing and half hostel. Then I can have more freedom and don't have to rely on people so much.

Somehow i get more focused when I was excersing and just whip out all the unnecessary worry and the mind become much clear...

And blue mountain is also a powerful place with so many thousands old trees!

I still feel very energetic and want to climb the900 steps back on top but it is raining so I have to take a train back. No matter how confidence a person could be, Nature is always unpredictable and more powerful than us...

Yeah, I am so glad that I did the brush walk alone today.

Me: and thanks for open the hiking door for me. It is always so powerful to see a living life model!

You are the most confidence, independence and sexy lady that I have ever met!

Keep that spirit and I really glad to meet you!

Travel is always amazed that one will meet someone who would never be met if just stay at home and being amazed by other's amazing life!!!!

Denisse: Oh my gosh! That's so awesome! I'm really pleased you to took up hiking too! It definitely is a great way to find peace, especially if you're by yourself. And of course, you could do it; you walked quite a lot when we went together. It's all about trusting yourself a bit more 😊

Denisse: And you're certainly really kind. I think you're just one of the nicest people I've met. Really open to try new things and meet new people. I think that's important because it helps you be more understanding and happy at the end

Denisse: I'm so happy for you! I'm really glad you're feel great about the walk

Journey in Blue Mountains

藍山仙境 Blue Mountains the wonderland

藍山仙境 Blue Mountains the wonderland

藍山絪緼 Blue in Blue Mountains

剃了...Trees gone...