Polynesian Spa

Polynesian Spa好正!Rotorua是火山區,天然温泉當然正,百年前的温泉現已改建為博物館,今日的漫泉就是Polynesian Spa了,這裏有露天與室內,露天望到星,好正呀~~~




I love Polynesian Spa!! Hot spring is famous in Rotorua since it is a volcano active area. The Bath House re-constructed into a museum and today’s bath house in Polynesian Spa!!

Polynesian Spa is divided into indoor and outdoor area. I can see STARS when I was soaking in the hot water, awesome!!!


I love hot spring!!!

温泉晚餐,下次要食多啲...My dinner in the hot-spring hotel. Definitely not enough...

餐牌 Menu

仲有雪糕! And ice cream!

仲有雪糕! And ice cream!