Food in Rotorua

入場費超貴(對當時的我來說)的Te Puia包晚餐,吃的是傳統毛里菜(Hangi),是把雞、羊等肉類與蕃薯、薯仔、蘿蔔等蔬菜放入土坑,以慢火悶熟,工作人員即場從土坑撈起食物讓我們拍照,唔,不過百年前的傳統毛里人邊有成籮雞咁誇張,富裕的當代才有如此大量食物吧?















The expensive (for me at that time) Te Puia included dinner in a traditional Hangi maori cooking. The staff would put meat (chicken and sheep) and veges (sweet potatoes, potatoes and carrot) into a deep pit and slow cooking. They would pull up the food in front of the tourists too.

Um, did the maori people really have that MUCH food 100 years ago?


The cooked food would be processed a bit with saucing. The dining hall is beautiful furnished with air-conditioning and even a live performance!

I thought the Maori people were sitting on the ground without AIR-CONDITIONING and looking up the stars when they having dinner 100 years ago??

But the contemporary tourists like us were spoiled. Our values and culture are too different with the Maori people. It IS a great challenge to introduce Maori to the modern rich tourists…


I brought my own food box and stuffed with food I got from the buffet dinner for my breakfast tomorrow. The western tourist who sat beside me looked at me but did not say anything. I did not care what he thought. I didn’t think we would meet each other again in this life so it really didn’t matter if your highness think I am greedy or a thief. I did not brother you and I want to save money and I need the food.


But life always surprised us. I "smuggled" the food and back to the hostel sound and safe. But something went wrong when I opened my room’s door. Those 2 girls from Japan, who I had a nice talk last night, sitting quietly on their bed.

I asked, "What's the matter?"

They said embarrassingly, "We can’t catch the bus so we bought another bus ticket in midnight tonight. We went back to the hostel and will just stay here for a few hours before the bus. Please don’t tell anyone that we are here."

I shrugged: "The staff had left when I got back. Ah, are you hungry?"

They shook their heads: "We didn’t have dinner yet. It’s hard to come back if we go to the supermarket to buy food."


I was regret I had asked too much. But there are hungry people and I have food. Although I want to save money but they need the food more than me NOW. I opened my bag, took out of the food box and gave them with a bit reluctant. They received and started to eat. I think they are really hungry…

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So I have to spend my own money to buy some breakfast in the next day.

Sigh, I would buy lots of food if I had a car. I can cook my own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cheap and delicious…


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