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剛巧有Andy Warhol與艾未末的展覽,絕對值得看,香港是看不到這種展覽的了...Exhibition of Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei. Inspired exhibition. Absolutely worth a visit. HK can never have this kind of exhibition anymore...








This piece of art work nearly made me cry…


The red balloon is the twitter bird and the golden balloon is ‘Alpace/Llama’ (which sounds like a curse language in Chinese). The balloons were blowing up by the blowing machines installed in the end of the hall. The visual was absolutely beautiful: the red and golden balloon dancing in the most shinny way…

And the kids were very excited to see so many balloons and rushed to them.


The red twitter represented ‘free speech’ in western world and the golden ‘Alpace/Llama’ represented ‘censorship’ in China. China is a place where no tears could be seen without freedom of speech.

But the heaviness of ‘free speech’ turns into light balloon in Australia. This irony made by Ai was just absolutely to the point when I saw the children playing and laughing happily with the ‘free twitter’ and ‘censor Alpace/Llama’…



So Ai was putting under house arrest (again). And he put a bunch of fresh flowers in the bucket on the bicycle outside his studio every day. Expressing his feelings in the most poetic, most green and most tender way…






A sea of white flowers! All hand-made!

They all look similar but they are all different. Every flower, every person is unique and beautiful.





Number 1 of all weapons, the wooden chair!!

No, just kidding.

These wooden chairs were normal furniture in Chinese families. They stick with each other and form a big circle just like the characters of Chinese people.

毛 啊 毛……

Mao & Mao…




Ai always with his middle finger up.

And that middle finger umbrella asked for AUS$64.95 (around HKD$383 or TWD$1493)…



平等 公正 仗義 執言

茲收到 XXX 先生 女士

借與錢款 X仟X元X角X分X厘X毫

立據人今莫名債臺高築 幸蒙德士仁人義膽俠肝 恩助敝人 力渡黑暗 共尋正義 特誓 知恩必報 

毫厘俱返 今恐人心不古 立據一紙 付與債主恩公存證

恐口無憑 憑此為據 是據以證 證據立誠 

右給債主人 收執

立據人 艾未未 證為印鈴







The coolest IOU ever!!!




The lost 12 bronze head of The Old Summer Palace

艾神教育角 Education corner

艾神教育角 Education corner

書 Book

眾人皆美 'I've never met a person I couldn't call a beauty'