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塔斯曼尼亞搖籃山的Ballroom Forest都好似呢個咁靚!



If there were fairies in the world, they must have a pair of green fern wings.


I am so happy to be in this ancient forest. The local government built some steel broadways for tourists to walk aside the tree canopy and tree roots.

The view is absolutely amazing and I was so relax and comfortable by the fresh scented from the greens.


The hot sun was radiating outside the forest crazily. The sun beam was like a spotlight on stage in the woods after filtering from layers of green ferns. The forest was quiet and waiting for the show to begin.

I was acting like a crazy photographer and taking tons of photos in the woods. Suddenly the forest was quiet and I saw no body around.

Then a breeze passed through and I saw FAIRIES dancing in the wood under the sun-beam-spotlight. They were singing but I couldn’t hear any sound. They raised their hands and sparkling powers flied out. Their wings were not white feather but green fern. They were turning in circles under the sunlight. Sometime I could see them but sometime I couldn’t. Then they disappeared into the woods.

The clock was clicking again. Tourists appeared. I was surrounded by lively humans again. The fern above me trembled and a drop of dew was fallen down on my palms. It felt cool and looked like crystal.


This was really a very beautiful and inspired fairies forest.

The Ballroom Forest in Cradle Mountain in Tasmania is equally beautiful as this!

森林深處有雲梯 Steel stair for tourists
森林深處有雲梯 Steel stair for tourists
林中仙子 Fairy in forest
林中仙子 Fairy in forest
林中仙子 Fairy in forest
林中仙子 Fairy in forest