Christine, Caroline and Kamo!!




我們由墨爾本出發,駕車約一小時,中途又停車遊玩,才到那HIGH TEA的地方,落車前才換裙化妝,HIGH TEA原來只有三文治、鬆餅、熱茶、果汁,不過Tea House佔了一個小山頭,種了好多花,景觀一流,仲有藝廊。


在香港我好像從未「HIGH TEA」過,在我有限的想像裏,HIGH TEA就是在半島喝下午茶,去半島也是坐地鐵,無可能帶一堆行李(裙子、鞋子、化妝品等),但在外國,那堆行李能直接丟在車上,上午穿波鞋行山,下午穿高跟鞋HIGH TEA。

在香港,人人都好識食,幾百塊錢的HIGH TEA只有凍食,反枱都似,但老外似乎真的不甚介意好唔好食,最在意個景靚唔靚,這也是香港難以做到,試問香港邊有咁多位放幅畫、種棵花、修小路?



So today we were going to HIGH TEA.

Again an activity that I couldn’t imagine can happen in Hong Kong.


We started from Melbourne, drove for an hour, stopped for fun hiking, and then we finally got to the tea house. We dressed up and make up before getting out of the car. The tea house was in the mountain with lots of blooming flowers. Beautiful view. And even with a gallery!

Um, the HIGH TEA only served cold sandwiches, cakes, hot tea and juice…


People in Hong Kong LOVE eating. Hong Kong people would probably go crazy and broke the table if they only got COLD FOOD for high tea which cost a few hundred (HK$) dollars. People not from HK seemed didn’t mind whether the tea house served good food or not as long as a good view in front of them. Well, that’s probably different to achieve in Hong Kong. No space for hanging a picture or planting a flower or paving a road in Hong Kong…