Museo nacional centro de arte Reina Sofia








「格爾尼卡」是震館之寶,此畫有保安重兵駐守,它是畢加索的巨型畫作,描繪西班牙小鎮格爾尼卡被德軍空襲的情況,只有黑白灰三色,但見村民哀號、牲口死亡、肢橫遍野,仿如末世慘況;也因為此畫,我與CS Host Belen姐鬧翻了。






Museo nacional centro de arte Reina Sofia is one of the museum in the ‘Golden Triangle of Art’. It usually called ‘The Sofia’. It was named after the Spanish Queen Sofia. It was a hospital and re-built into a museum in 90s’. It mainly collected Spanish art including the famous Spanish artists Picasso and Dali.


I arrived late in The Sofia because it was a free entry night. Quite a lot of people queueing but the entry was smooth.


The Sofia collected lots of Picasso works.

Picasso was born in Malaga. The Picasso museum in Malaga mainly collected his early works which the human figure was in proper proportion and with great sketching skill.

I saw Picasso mature work in Madrid, the capital of Spain. His work are big with multi layers of color and ‘in no human form’ (smile).

From Malaga to Madrid, my travel route witness the changing style in Picasso’s art:)


‘Guernica’ is the treasure in The Sofia. It is heavy guided.

It is a big Picasso painting. It depicted the Spanish small town Guernica was bomb by Nazi German. It has only black, white and grey 3 colors. The villagers were screaming, the cows were dying and bodies were all over the ground. It was like hell.

And because of this painting, I had a quarrel with my CS Host Belen.


Anyway, the free entry time slot of The Sofia was definitely not enough to slowly appreciate the whole museum.

If you just have time to visit The Sofia during the free entry time slot. It is better to choose a strategy: ‘Walk the whole The Sofia without detail understanding’ or ‘only target on the masterpieces and give up on other works’ ?

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Is it exploring the difference between words and pictures??

The words are bloody but the picture is 'calm'...

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