Buen Retiro公園直譯就是「快樂的退隱地」,公園原是皇族擁有,十九世紀末期才開放予民眾。

馬德里人真係好型,普通行路都好似Cat Walk……








Buen Retiro Park literally mean ‘Happy Retreat’. The park was owned by the Spanish royal family and opened to public in the late 19th century.

People in Madrid are cool. They walk like cat walk…


The park is huge. I found out the park has lots of beautiful spots on wiki when I back in Hong Kong. Such as the Crystal Palace (Maybe I had been here but it was closed.), the Fallen Angel fountain (never seen) and the Alfonso XII Monument with pool (saw the water edge but didn’t walk close so didn’t see the beautiful pillars...)

What impressed me actually is the PUBLIC TOLIET in the park.


The toilet was underground. I walked a short stair to it. There were only Spanish on the toilet door without any pictures nor English. I had no idea which one is the male toilet and which one is the female toilet.

So I just guess. No one in the toilet but cold wind. It was abnormally clean and tidy.

Just impressive…

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