Church of

Santa Engrácia


從Lisboa Santa Apolónia車站走出來,再爬過一條小斜坡,就是Church of Santa Engrácia。









I walked out from metro station Lisboa Santa Apolónia and climbed a slope and saw Church of Santa Engrácia.

There were houses around the church. The end bell for the afternoon classes rang and the kids ran out of the school. Parents behind them quickly caught up with them. Grandmas were hanging clothes under the sun outside the big windows. Cats were lying on the rocky path. There were not much tourists and it was just like a neighborhood next door.


There were a dozen of open air flea sellers outside the church. They were selling ceramics, books, paintings and clothing relaxingly

The statues in the church was very real. The face of Maria the Holy Mother like a modern super model and it’s very different from Middle Age emotionless face.


This church began to build on 17th century and finished in 1966 but never used as for worshipping. It buried lots of Porguagewse celebrities nowadays.

一出地鐵,旁邊的建築已經好靚The building next to metro is very beautiful!
白教堂與藍天White church and blue sky
教堂the church
夕陽下的教堂The church under sunset
夕陽無限好~beautiful sunset~
螺旋門spiral door
影子戲Shadow Play
教堂內in the church~
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教堂內in the church
教堂內in the church!
.教堂內in the church
教堂內in the church.
教堂內.in the church
教堂內!in the church
靚過頭...too pretty...
太過美麗的聖母a too-beautiful Maria
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聖母靚到似超模Her face like a super model!
外牆的磚好靚,它曾經輝煌Beautiful brick and a past glory
古噴泉Old Spring
附近就是民居People are living next door
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隱世編織大師Hidden weaving master
編織大師weaving master.
編織大師weaving master
編織大師weaving master!
編織大師weaving master!!
靚呀~so beautiful!
著名手繪瓷片the famous hand-painted ceramic piece
教堂旁有露天市集~A flea market next to the church~
亞洲都有even Asian dishes!
乜都有得賣they have everything!
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