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竟然真的有回應,Sarah當時讀中大,要在挪威當交換生,剛巧我也會去挪威,雖然我們從未見過面,但也認真地商議幾時在挪威見面,在歐洲時我們what app傾過偈,人在異鄉倍念舊,唔識都傾咗成粒鐘,不過人算不如天算,最終我們在歐洲見不到,反而各自返港後,在香港見到了 :)






I was very lucky to meet Sarah!


I asked ‘Is there anyone traveling in Europe?’ in a traveling group on facebook before I went to Europe.

Surprisingly there WERE replies. Sarah was one of them. She was a CUHK student and would be an exchange student in Norway. We had never met but we were discussing when and where shall we meet in Norway. We what app in Europe and we had talked for an hour even we didn’t meet each other before!

Unfortunately we didn’t meet in Europe but we meet in Hong Kong when we got back home.


Hong Kong is a stressful city. She was tired and a bit sad in the picture. Actually it’s quite artistic beautiful…