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Hong Kongers are so busy that mobiles are 24 hours ON…


This is Nans the foodie!

We went to Shenzhen and EAT a lot. I end up with an ache stomach but Nans is fine…

This picture was drawn in ShenZhen.

開心到跳起! Happy Jumping!
美人Nans bonita!
玩口水 A child can play with anything, including its own saliva.
I like this angle
我支貴鏡真係好掂...Just showing my expensive lens is real good...
水上過山車,跌您唔死 You will just fall into water on this roller coaster.
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實驗證明,真係block咗 Blocking in China
No youtube, facebook, google (and many more) in China
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Hong Kong and Shenzhen is really different although only a river apart. So much different on clothing, gesture and expression of the people…


Photo Project: Street

I like to take photo of people in their less awareness. Everybody can be a leading role under the mid-day sun :)

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