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我們參加了由政府資助的螢火蟲保育基金會 「2日1夜生態及環保學習體驗營」,到了大嶼山大浪村,好靚呀!超靚呀!人間仙境呀!!


大浪村在(當時的)google map也找不到,無定期渡輪,群山包圍,無郵局,幾戶民居,有水電,有田有牛,型呀!











Big Wave Village


We joined an overnight camp orginised by ‘Firefly Conservation Foundation’ in Big Wave Village in Lantau Island. It is beautiful! It is a paradise!


Big Wave Village can’t even be found on google map (at that time). It has no routine boat access, surrounded by hills, no post office. There are a few village houses with water and electricity. With cows and farms. Wow!


I didn’t expect much on food in camps but the delicacy in Big Wave Village was so delicious!

They are still using fire wood to cook as you can see in the drawing. The villagers bought meat from Cheung Chau and harvest veges in the morning. It’s yummy, really delicious!


We slept on grass with a tent. Mosquitoes are dancing crazy in twilight but no bugs after dark so it’s fine.

The timetable of the camp are tight. No free time. Why do we have to live with a timetable even on holiday? This Hong Kong style camp is working too hard…


Everybody can rent a village house for HK$500 (with food, price is not fixed) per person per night. It would be fun!

現場環境We sleep here!
夜晚的大浪村At night
好靚的小玫瑰!但村民說這是野草,唔好掂 Such beautiful roses! But villager said it was 'poison'...
花苞 Bud
蜻蜓! Dragonfly!
蝴蝶! Butterfly!
晚上的海灘 Beach at night
牛屎! Cows' shit!
有好多垃圾...Many rubbish on the beach...
點解海灘會有個蘋果!? Why an apple was lying on the beach!?
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