Tasmanian Devil Unzoo


Unzoo有雀鳥表演,還有Tasmanian Devil,Tasmanian Devil碩果僅存於塔斯曼尼亞,小小隻,黑色,胸前白V,Unzoo有一道很特別的地底隧道,地面有玻璃罩,遊客可近距離觀察Tasmanian Devil(如果佢肯行埋嚟)。





We saw the bird show in Unzoo and TASMANIAN DEVIL! Tasmanian Devil could only be find in Tasmania now. They were small, black with a white V on their chest. Unzoo built a special tunnel allow visitors observing Tasmanian Devil in a close distance by putting a glass shade on the ground. (If the devils are willing to walk to you…)


I went to the kangaroo garden and a kangaroo family were lying on the ground relaxingly. There were no cages, no fences. The kangaroos were very clam even humans walking close. Human could walk close, touch or even feed them. Um, kangaroo was WARM!

Cave to observe Tasmanian devil

Tasmanian devil!

View of a Tasmanian devil