Richmond是Hobart旁邊的小鎮,也是跟團來的,怱怱一看就得走了;全市最著名的是Richmond Bridge,它是全澳洲最古老的橋,於1823年12月動工,1825年1月落成,現時仍在使用,百年古蹟,老而彌新!


Richmond is a little town near Hobart. I came here with the one-day-tour. Very rush. Not much time…

Richmond Bridge is the most famous spot in town. It is the oldest bridge in Australia. It was built in December 1823 and finished in January 1825. It is still in use today. Loyally service for over 100 years!

Rosny Hill lookout,百年前從這港口出發!

Richmond Bridge