MONA is the most famous art museum in Hobart. Um, worth a visit. But bear in mind that you may not be able to understand/appreciate every piece of ‘art’ work…

見到就近了MONA's here

門口 At the gate

在草地 in the lawn

在大堂 indoor

專題展 Feature exhibition

型呀! Cool!

睇下金魚點自殺? Animal Abuse

細胞車? Cell Car?


水成文字 Water to Words

水成文字 Water to Words

水成文字 Water to Words

空白檔案 Censorship: everything blank

什麼是歷史? What is history?

黑基督 Black Jesus

陰部倒模 Virginia

人皮...Human skin...

重塑房間 Rebuild a room