FOOD in Hobart




Tasmania grew good cherry. I saw lots of Tasmania cherry in the Fruit market in Hong Kong during winter. (Australia’s summer is Hong Kong’s winter)

I came across a farmers’ market in Launceston and there actually lots of local little cherry farms. The red cherry sold for around AUD$12 per kg(around HK$70)here in Tasmania. Big, red, juicy, just yummy!


We were having our cherry+bread lunch in the park. A peacock came and asking for food! Amazing Tasmania!




所以不時會有遊客或本地人駕車前來,買了現場即食,或是駕車揾靚景食,我是跟本地一日團去的,大家買了生蠔後,導遊帶了我們到「半月灣」Coles Bay,望住個海食,靚景美食!!

I love the Oyster and red cherry in Tasmania! They are both locally grew in Tasmania, super fresh!


We came to an oyster farm by the sea and I bought some oyster. The oyster farm sold abalone and mussel as well. There were different sauces went with the sea food such as brie, shallot, smoked salmon, ginger, Kilpatrick and lemon. Wow.

I came here with the one-day-tour and the guide took us to Coles Bay for an oyster picnic. It was like a dream to have nice oyster with a beautiful blue sea in front…