Eaglehawk Neck


十九世紀時,Eaglehawk Neck沿岸設置了很多駐防點,防止Port Arthur的監犯逃走,不少警犬也加入駐點,其中更有「海狗」,專門在海中搜索逃犯,Eaglehawk Neck郊遊徑起點的狂犬雕像就是紀念這批警犬。


Eaglehawk Neck沿岸有不少海洋地貎,例如海蝕洞等等,好漂亮啊~~!



Garrison and dogline were set up in the 19th century to keep a watch for convicts escaping from Port Arthur. Dogs were also placed on platforms out in the water to prevent escapes by sea. The dog statue in the starting point on the Eaglehawk Neck track was a memorial of the dogline.


Lots of beautiful oceanic geographical features in Eaglehawk Neck. Amazing!!