Happy to meet you, 



識到Denisse,真係緣份,她是厄瓜多爾人,來澳洲讀書,主修海洋生態,正在塔斯曼尼亞實習,她在Couchsurfing問有無人想一齊行山(Mount Wellington),我舉手話去,然後約時間,等巴士,巴士又唔嚟,最終我當時的CS Host Kelvin捱義氣,車埋我地上山,先成功到達起點……










我在Hobart待了幾天,Denisse還帶了我去攀石+西班牙聚會+食印度餐,全是自己一個一定唔會去的活動,Denisse很會帶人離開comfort zone,給我開了很多新門,正呀~





It was really my pleasure to meet Denisse. She was from Ecuador. She studied Marine biology in Australia and was doing her internship in Tasmania. She asked whether if anyone interested to walk Mount Wellington in Couchsurfing website and I said yes. So we arranged a time to meet and wait for the never-showing-bus and thanks for the kindness of my current CS host Kelvin in Hobart, he drove us to Mount Wellington and story began…


Denisse was strong. She loves sport. She didn’t tease/bully people because she was in her great fitness. She was a wonderful kind person and very considerate.

I was a slow walker and she was willing to walk slowly for me. She said slow walking was one of the hiking methods, didn’t need to running-hiking every time. She was in the mountain and she was in peace.

Denisse always encouraged me to ‘walk faster’. She would appreciate if I keep up the beat. She didn’t show any offensive if I slow down and she would walk slowly with me.

OMG, I was so lucky to find this wonderful thoughtful hiking partner!!


I saw the mountain in a different way through Denisse’s eyes. Hiking could be a physical challenge or leisurely wondering or artistic photo-taking-walking.

And the mountain was ever-changing. Sun shone through the green leaves in this moment. The light disappeared and the cloud came in the next moment. A second between light and shadow was like two different worlds. Human mind was ever-changing and so did the mountain. Human and human and mountain met in this UNIQUE moment for one chance in this life time.



We were talking in the green mountain.

Denisse was a smart girl. She was aggressive and yet detailed mind. She was considerate and yet independent. She had lots of suitors and her conclusion was, ‘Sex is a good exercise.’


I stayed in Hobart for a few days and Denisse brought me to rock climbing+Spanish gathering+going to an Indian restaurant. I did a lot interesting things which I would probably never do if I was alone. Denisse was the prefect guide who led a person out of his/her comfort zone. She opened lots of new doors for me in a short few days. She was an inspiring, energetic and creative girl. I was so glad I have met her :)


It was the pity that we didn’t have enough time to sit down and draw. I only sketched Denisse’s portrait in the Spanish gathering for a very short time. Hope to see you again, Denisse!

Denisse in the Spanish meeting 西班牙文聚會

雨點化成特別效果! Rain drop made a special effect!

Couchsurfers in pub!

Liz. I like the color tone...調色成功了 :)

開路先鋒Denisse the pioneer!

攝影師Denisse the photographer!

劈樹而行! Keep walk even a fallen and cut tree!

運動健將Denisse loves all kinds of sports

搽粉爬石 put on some white power & climb the wall

山中小食車 Food truck in the mountain

蜘蛛絲!? Spider web!?