CS Hobart host Kelvin 






由家到雞場,駕車約半小時,鄉下地方更空曠,小雞場旁邊就是農舍,雞場主人與他的小兒子與有狗狗們都來迎賓了,小兒子非常熟練地抓起雞,放入籠;旁邊的德國女孩(Kelvin的另一位客人) 皺哂眉,索性專心逗狗玩;我則興奮莫明,平時在香港街市看慣雞販即場抓雞劏雞,今日終於能親手抓雞啦,雞不難抓,拎起雞腳,倒轉雞身,雞就乖乖了,我一手一雞,抓得好爽耶,看着肥美嫩雞,我期待的問Kelvin:「今晚吃這隻嗎?」




Kelvin’s home was HUGH. His garden was bigger than the house. The house we lived in was a simple one-floor house. Hares were living in his garden. A few fruit trees were planted in the garden. And even a little river! And even a (God knew where it went) RAILYWAY connect to the garden!


The little chicken house caught my eyes in the garden. Kelvin had to go to the village chicken seller to buy some chickens on the first day I came to his home. So I went to the chicken seller with another German guest to help collect some chicks…


It took around 30 minutes’ drive from home to the chicken seller. The farm house was right next to the chicken house. The farmer, his little son and the dogs all came out and welcome us.

The little young son caught the chickens and put them in the cage expertly. The German girl frowned and concentrated to play with the dogs. I was excited to have an opportunity to catch some chickens! I always saw the chicken sellers caught a chicken and kill it in the wet market in Hong Kong. Now I finally got a chance to catch my own chicken, haha! It wasn’t that difficult to catch a chicken as long as I grabbed its legs and turn over its body.

I looked at this fat-young-yummy chicken in my hand and asked Kelvin, ‘This is our dinner tonight?’


Kelvin rolled his eyes and said, ‘These chickens are not for eating, they are for eggs!’

我們駕車入山取雞 We drove into the mountain to get some chicken

農場狗狗 Dogs and humans in farm

不吃雞肉,只取蛋 Chicken for eggs, not for meat

家裏的小雞場 Small chicken house at home

雞場的孩子好幫得手!Kids in the chicken farm are good helpers!

拿着雞返家 We took the chicken back home

坐車先影到:遠景定,近景郁This photo only can be taken on car: far still, near move

家裏有好多兔仔! Lots of rabbits at home!

家裏有好多兔仔! Lots of rabbits at home!

後院還有鐵路! Railway in the backyard!