Poulnabrone Dolmen 








This visiting spot was organised by the tour. This is a tomb in New Stone Age. At least 33 individuals were buried in the chamber--infants, children and adults, both male and female.

It is likely that the bones, which were highly fragmented, were initially buried elsewhere before being transferred to this tomb some time around 3000BC.

Some bones had burnt marks indicated that the bone might be ‘purify’ by fire before they were buried into the tomb.


There are around 100+ Megalithic tombs around Ireland and this tomb was made up of limestone. There were farming, animals raising and fishing 5000 years ago and the tomb was the boundary and they were ‘holy land’ for the people at that time.


I was lucky to have a sunny day when I visit the tomb. I didn’t do any research before the visiting and luckily there are info boards on site and that’s why I knew it was a tomb.

But the time was really rush. I didn’t have enough time to read the boards and not enough time to take good photos. What a pity…

石面被遊人磨滑了Stones were polished by tourists
新石器古墓Tomb from the New Stone Age
裂痕美Beauty of cracks
只能遠觀No Entry
小花生雨洞A flower grew
石灰石層Layers of limstone
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