This is a viewpoint included in the local tour. It is an art village facing the North Atlantic Ocean with a 180 degree sea view, just beautiful.

The art village is not big. It’s just 10 minutes’ walk from one end to another end. There are one café and a dozen of ‘Art Houses’. There is one artist in every art house and most of them are ceramics artists. There are also painting, photography and waving artists.


The art house is big. It was an art-gift-shop at front and studio in back. It was so nice to be an artist here with a beautiful sea view, big space and artistic friends, I am so envy~

But I wonder did the artists rent or buy the art house? Is the rent affordable?


The café in the art village is expensive. The little restaurant in the gas station next to the art village is much cheaper. But we prepared our own sandwiches, even cheaper!

靚畫Beautiful drawing
另一陶瓷店another caremic shop
一齊去~Daniela with me too!
型到震的自然藝術Cool natural art!
陶瓷店caremic shop
織物店waving shop
藝術店很多many art shops
一舊雲A cloud
一舊雲A cloud.
型屋cool house
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