Aillwee Cave 







Aillwee Cave was one of the many visiting stops that organised by the travel agency. We walked down the cave and it was ALL BLACK inside the cave. There must be a guide accompany visitors walking down the cave. We saw stalactites, animal bones from a thousand years ago…

Stalactites were amazing. They were formed in a thousand years and they were really a visible example of a thousand years!


I checked the info of Aillwee Cave when I back in Hong Kong and I found out there are cheese making demonstration and ‘an eagle flies to your hand’ activities. Oh, that’s seems so such fun! I really want to join!

But joining a local tour was (of course) not free. We had to rush back to the van once we finished walking the cave.

I WILL learn driving and certainly drive my own van in the next travel! I would rather visit less spots but would like to slow down and don’t want to miss anything in a visiting spot!

入場牌Entry board
愛爾蘭坐廁Ireland flush
由岩穴改建的餐廳Restaurant reconstructed from the cave
由猿到人From monkey to human
骨啊...lovely bones...
温柔的石tender rock
滴水穿石A drop of water can cut through rock
滴水穿石A drop of water can cut through rock.
千年時間A thousand years time
千年時間A thousand years time.
逆水the upward falling rain
逆水the upward falling rain.
奇形石Rocks in every forms
入洞一定有人帶A guide must be accompanied in the cave
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