杜拜的CS Host Bouchra與埃及朋友Hisham帶我來到THE BEACH。

THE BEACH是杜拜最熱鬧的沙灘,站在沙灘已看得到海面的工業(?)設施,海水卻出奇的清淨,垃圾也不多。





THE BEACH是免費入場,但廁所/餐廳等設施均需收費。

THE BEACH的出口有幾個大型免費自拍機,與朋友拍照後,在自拍機輸入自己的電郵,就能收到相片,很有趣:)



My Dubai CS Host Bouchra and her Egyptian friend Hisham brought me to THE BEACH.

THE BEACH is the most popular beach in Dubai. I can see the industrial (?) installation on the beach but the water is very clean. Not much rubbish.


I feel I walked into a different world when I was walking on THE BEACH. Some black flowers were flowing across on my left. They were the Muslim women who dressed all black. And with them, Muslim men who dressed in all white.

And some young sexy bodies who wearing bikini/ short swimming pants were dancing on my right.

The most conservative and the most open came across in THE BEACH. But no fighting, no arguing, no hatred. Everybody was enjoying themselves. PEACE!


THE BEACH is free entry but the toilets/ restaurants were charged.

Big selfie machines were put near the exit. We took a selfie and typed our email in the machine and we got the photos. Interesting! :)

自然與'文明',相距極近Nature&'Civilisation', very close
同一個沙灘,有成身冧實的回教徒,又有比堅尼人,好勁呀!Cover-all Muslim and bikini people on the same beach, awesome!
國慶表演National day Performance
弄潮客People on the beach
肉呀~無諗過會係杜拜見到Bare skin~can't believe I see it in Dubai!
愛國塗鴉Graffit,very UAE
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Here comes the Goddess!

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I captured these beautiful photos. So happy!

The sea was golden shiny in sunset, beautiful. I just wanted to practise my backlight technique but the outcome gave me a beautiful surprise!

The golden sun light slide into the contour and IT WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL!!❤

I have to take photos of people in the sea again in sunset!

She was playing volley ball in the sea. I cut away the ball and the industrial background.