Warrnambool Flora 花草



Australia is a nature treasure with lots of amazing flora. I have not much knowledge of southern hemisphere flora and appreciate if you can tell me the names of these lovely flowers!




















Apples are cheap and delicious. I always eat apples in Hong Kong but I had never seen an apple tree.

We went to Warrnambool to visit grandmother and we saw an APPLE TREE when we step out of the cat. 4-5 apples as a group, hanging on the tree. Most apples were green but some were turning red. The green leaves were protecting the apples and they sang when breeze came.


I was so happy to see an apple tree. I just saw packed apples quietly lying down on shelves in supermarkets all my life. I had never seen an apple tree leaf and I finally could TOUCH an apple tree now!

Aunt Choi and Uncle Choi were walking towards the apple tree as I was jumping happily to the tree.

Aunt Choi said, ‘Oh, it’s an apple tree. Eatable!’

Uncle Choi said, ‘Um,’ then he jumped on the tree in 2-3 steps. He shook the branches and the apples fell on ground.

Aunt Choi and Uncle Choi knew each other so well. Aunt Choi walked to the point where the apples would fall once Uncle Choi started jumping on the tree. They even didn’t have to discuss beforehand.

Uncle Choi jumped back on ground after we harvested a few apples. Aunt Choi gave me an apple and said, ‘For you!’

I received the apple happily and had a big bite. Aunt Choi looked at me with a smile but she didn’t eat the apples.


Don was the local people and he appeared suddenly and asked what we were doing. We answered honestly, ‘Eating apples!’

Don hesitated for a second and said, ‘These apples are poison!’

‘WHAT!!??’ I looked at the apple on my hand. The core was a bit brown, tasted a little bitter. Then I looked at the burst apples which fell on ground. The cores were rotten and turning black.

I spat out the apple and looked at Aunt Choi. She smiled at me again. Oh, she didn’t eat the apples but gave an apple to me…Um, it seems I really had to put a little more concern of what would I eat...


Don explained, ‘These apples are not really “poison” but they aren’t mature. Local people won’t eat them. We always eat apples bought from supermarket.’


Oh, now I see.

Luckily I didn’t get sick afterwards.

The (fake) Snow white met the (fake) poison apple!  Hahahahaha…