Back Home!










Yeah~back to Hong Kong~

Christchurch is my last stop. I am going to fly back to Hong Kong in a direct flight, yeah!


I was living in a YMCA in Christchurch. I am so surprised that YMCA has a big exhibition space inside the building and that graffiti exhibition is awesome! As good as, or ever better than any current art exhibition in the museums in town!


I was staying in a female 10+ people room on the first night. But it was too noisy. I couldn’t sleep because there were people coming in and going out all night long.

I moved to 1 mixed 4 people room later. There were only 2 girls and 1 boy including me. Less people, quiet, much better.


I feel an earthquake in Christchurch! I was eating in the kitchen in YMCA and felt a little shake. I was sure it was an earthquake when I saw the ripples on water in my cup…