Queensland Museum很不錯!




Queensland Museum is nice! The collections are beautiful :)

Queensland Museum

誰是主角?Who is the protagonist?

誰是主角?Who is the protagonist?

傳統筆法,現代內容 Modern content with a traditional touch

Queensland Museum的教育角做得好好,例如圖中所見,參觀者可免費拿一件紙背心,覆在膠板上,再用蠟筆描畫花紋,完成後更可穿上,能讓參觀者好好認識傳統花紋,好正!



The education corner in Queensland Museum is great.

Everyone can take a free paper vest and paste it on the broad. Then drew the pattern from the broad. The vest can be wore too. A great way to learn traditional pattern in game. Cool!





Another educational corner. There are trees, human figure…transparent paper. People can copy the pattern on the desk with colour pencil. Fun!