Tony and Lies has a big family: beautiful parrots, a pride cat and a lovely dog. They love their birds so much. They built a big cage in the garden for the birds to stay in during daytime. The birds will back to their bedroom in the house at night.

The red parrot is shy, the green parrot is a kisser and the blue parrot like to hang around with people.

Lies was always busy with 2 baby birds. The pride cat will lazily looked at the busy humans and go back to sleep. The lovely dog is always jumping to get human’s attention and even stranger like me. The dog didn’t even bark at me. It just jumps into me for a nice hugging.


Lies is an excellent craftsman. She made parrot’s toys with Beaded, wooden sticks and colour string. She made toys for her own parrots in the beginning. Later she put her works on the internet and people like them. More and more commissions and it became her part time job now. Lies, gogogogogo!

Tony, Lies and birds