CS Host Laura & Jerome

阿布扎比是阿聯酋首都,我在阿布扎比的CS Host是來自法國的五人家庭,有爸爸Jerome、媽媽Laura、大兒子、小兒子與菲傭Shirley。
















Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). My CS Host in Abu Dhabi is a 5 people French family. They are Jerome the father, Laura the mother, 2 young sons and Shirley the Philippine maid.


They have lived in Abu Dhabi for 9 years. Jerome worked for the IT department in the French military which stationed in Abu Dhabi. Laura was a part time French teacher in the kindergarten. Their house was super big. I was assigned to live in a guest room on second floor and I even had my own toilet!


I was sick after camping in the desert. And the above picture was my first drawing after I recovered.

Of course I like the cat signature the most!

We had a black cat at home. It love to hang around people but won’t let people to hold. The black cat saw us drawing and was sitting beside to overlook us. But it felt bored and fell to sleep.

Jerome caught it and I print on its feet quick. And Jerome pushed it paw on the picture fast. The black cat was not happy and ‘meow~’ loud. It stared at us angrily when it was leaving the living room. And it didn’t greet me for 3 days...


AUE is a Muslim country. A man can legally marry FOUR wives.

Jerome had Laura as his wife but he could still marry THREE more wives legally in Abu Dhabi.

I asked him, ‘So do you have plans to marry more wives?’

Jerome laughed and Laura answered before Jerome even spoke, ‘He will definitely be in trouble if he DARE TO marry more wives...’

Jerome laughed and said, ‘You heard? I will be in trouble if I marry again~’


Thanks Laura and Jerome hosting me and their delicious food. We go camping in desert, see the eagle and even riding on camel!


Later I found out that only MUSLIMS can marry 4 wives in UAE.

謝謝Thanks for posing!
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第一次有獨立廁所!I have my OWN toliet for the first time!
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