Te Anau with Takitimu Tiki Tours

Takitimu Tiki Tours每位廿蚊,對無車的旅客(即係我),都扺玩。

我去的時候只有我一位客人,想去邊就去邊,鍾意留幾耐就留幾耐,爽架,司機=導遊,當日仲有佢個寶貝女,我們到了高地,俯瞰Te Anau全景,非藍即綠,真係好靚!!


如果想跟佢地團,最好直接同佢預約,唔好經酒店/旅館/中介,因為中介要收佣金,令Takitimu Tiki Tours賺少咗,佢地都係小本經營,支持支持~



I joined Takitimu Tiki Tours in 2016 for NZ$20. It’s a good deal for no-car tourist like me.

I was the only guest that day so I could go wherever I want and stay for whenever I like. Driver=Tour guide. His daughter was joining us too.

We went to a high point where the whole Te Anau is under our eyes. It was so beautiful. All I could see is either blue or green!

We went to the river and Te Anau Bird Sanctuary too.

It’s better to book the tour with Takitimu Tiki Tours directly. Don’t book their through hotels or hostels. The hotels/hotels will charge Takitimu Tiki Tours for recommend charge. Let’s support small business!