Milford Sound好靚呀!Milford Sound通常落雨,但我去的那天,剛好風和日麗,天朗氣清地遊船!感動!幸運!好開心呀~~





團是在bookme買的,打了折NZ$95,包巴士來回Te Anau,哎吔,如果自己有車仲爽呀,可以邊走邊停,其實Te Anau去Milford Sound途中有好多景點呢……



Milford Sound is so beautiful! Milford Sound is always raining but I was so lucky that to have a sunny day. Awesome!


The dolphins were swimming along the boat. We even saw the penguins for one second! The ducks were swimming relaxing on the water. Birds were flying…wow, we were walking IN a wild life documentary scene!

I really have to dive into the water to see the black coral next time!


I bought this tour on bookme. It costed me NZ$95 with a round trip bus from Te Anau. Ohohoh, it would be better if I had a car! There is lots of spots worth to stop on the way to Milford Sound from Te Anau!

Milford Sound