Te Anau Glowwrom Caves





我第一天到Te Anau就去看螢火蟲,由於螢火蟲洞在地底,下雨也不怕~耶~

之後兩天分別到了Milford Sound與Doubtful Sound,那兩天都是天晴,陽光普照、風平浪靜地出海,聽說Te Anau常年陰天,難得的晴天都給我遇上了,超幸運!




I visited glowworm caves in North Island AND South Island, yeah!


I went to Te Anau Glowwrom Caves by boat. Then I walked into the cave and passed by a small waterfall. Then I sat on the boat to see the glowworm. Then we had a short walk in the little forest outside the cave. Finish.


I went to Te Anau Glowwrom Caves in the first day I arrived in Te Anau. It was a rainy day. But it didn’t matter because the cave is underground, yeah!

I visited Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound in the next 2 days. I sailed in two sunny, calm days. I was so lucky to have sunny days because Te Anau was always raining.

But I was TOO lucky… I went to Tekapo, the world-famous star gazing dark area with an always-sunny-weather after Te Anau. I stayed in Tekapo for one week and it was raining for 7 days! OMG!!!

奇異苔! Kiwi moss!