The Chasm




總之,The Chasm有好多potholes,此河水由高山流下,河水帶來大石至河床,並在河床翻滾,久而久之,在下流形成大大小小的圓坑洞,靚呀~!



I wish I was in New Zealand when I studied my geography in secondary school!!!!

I could see NONE geographic features in Hong Kong I had learnt in textbook but saw them in New Zealand and Australia! It would be much easier to learn them if I can see them real…


Anyway, I am very happy to visit The Chasm. Another geographic feature which I spent so much time to memorize and it’s just like meeting an old friend when I saw the potholes…


So here is the formation of The Chasm~~

Sculpted by water and stone

The Cleddau River has its source high in the hard, crystalline rocks of the Darran Mountains. After heavy rain, flood waters rush downstream picking up pebbles and gravels that have scoured the river bed down to its bedrock. Stones that come to rest in a rocky slot are swirled round by the current. Over many centuries, they have ground out the fantastic pothole shapes that are such a feature of The Chasm.