Birds in Te Anau

Every body love Kea






We are very lucky to meet a Kea on the way. Kea are mountain parrot and unique in New Zealand. They are highly intelligent and inquisitive. It was just like a four years old playing around with humans. It doesn’t afraid of the cameras at all. It is the best model!

Nobody feed the bird since there are LOTS of signs written ‘Do not feed the Kea’.


我在Te Anau Bird Sanctuary見到Takahe,Takahe是一種大藍雀鳥,紐西蘭獨有;在1900年,人們以為Takahe已經絕種,但於1948年時,Orbell博士在Murchison Mountains重新發現Takahe。

現時有的Takahe在奧克蘭對外開的Tiritiri Matangi島居住,該島是一個無捕獵者的開放動物園。



I see the Takahe bird in the Te Anau Bird Sanctuary. Takahe is a big, blue bird unique in New Zealand. Takahe though be extinct by the early 1900’s. Dr. Orbell rediscovered a small population of birds in the depths of the Murchison Mountains in Fiordland in 1948. Some Takahe are in Tiritiri Matangi Island, an open sancturary free of predators near Auckland.