Mount Eden






Mount Eden is a beautiful volcano. It is near to the city center. It was a volcano but the crater is covered with green grass now.


The signs in Mt Eden were written in Maori language and English. Mt Eden is ‘Maungawhau’, the summit is Tihi. Somehow I thought the New Zealand people are quite respect Maori culture.


I watched a short clip on the internet. The Maori people did not consent with the local government. They dressed up in traditional Maori clothing and screaming Maori language in a modern conference room. The government officers did not looked surprised and did not frightened. The just sat there and listen to the screaming in an annoyed face.


Somehow I thought it IS cilivisation. The New Zealand officers did not fight like Tai Wan council. Nor did not smile like CY. (CY was chief executive in Hong Kong. He was always smiling to the opponents when they are cursing him. )


And I like a sentence which engraved on the Tihi:

For their work continueth great beyond their knowing

714 拷貝
714 拷貝