Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove很美,一如香港的荔枝窩,無車路,只能徒步或划艇,由於我的腳傷了,只能穿拖鞋,所以走得好慢,但沿路見到有人扶着拐杖、一步一停的也在走着,真的無藉口了耶……







Cathedral Cove is beautiful. It has no road access except walking or kayaking like Lai Chi Wo in Hong Kong. I could only wear loafer because my feet was hurt. I saw someone was walking to Cathedral Cove on a stick. Um, I really had no excuse…


It was a sunny and cloudy day. The water was so beautiful blue. It’s a shame that I couldn’t jump into the water because of my hurt feet… So I stayed on the beach and took lots of photos.


And I met a 100 years old lady from China. She spoke in dialect but we could still understand each other by writing on the sand. Awesome!

海灘廁所景! View from a toilet on the beach!

海灘的廁所 Toilet on beach