Whitsunday Islands


Whitehaven Beach,一定要去,唔去白嚟,真係好靚,靚到暈。


Whitehaven Beach位於Whitsunday Island,要在Airlie Beach坐船出海才到,在Whitsunday Island對出80公里,才是大堡礁,所以今次我其實尚未接足大堡礁,不過位處同一天空下啦~


Whitsunday Island島無人住,土著傳說是有一條七彩蛇走過,她邊走邊下蛋,所下的蛋化為小島,是為Whitsunday Island等小島。


其實我在Whitehaven Beach時情況一般,又暈海又暈船,睡不好,吃不慣,我們要駁小艇才到Whitehaven Beach,大相機也無帶(好後悔),腳指甲又甩了,只能穿拖鞋。

不過Whitehaven Beach真係好靚,見到呢個景,乜都值,無數白沙匯聚成緞帶,在青藍海水上翩翩起舞,海風中的鹹味、濕氣,美得弦目的水天一色……雖然無大相機,雖然頭痛腳痛肚痛,不過真係只緣身在此山中呀!



Whitehaven Beach is a MUST-SEE. Definitely. For sure. Super beautiful.


Whitehaven Beach is in Whitsunday Island. We have to take a yacht from Airlie Beach to Whitsunday Island. The famous Great Barrier Reef located 80km outside the Whitehaven Beach. So techniquely I didn’t visit the Great Barrier Reef YET…


No one is living on Whitsunday Island today. The Ngaro legend said that there was a Rainbow Serpent passed through the water, laying her eggs as she went. And the eggs became the islands where we stand today.


I wasn’t in a good condition when I was in Whitehaven Beach. I was a little sea-sick, not quite sleep well, my nail on toe was missing and the food was not quite suitable for me…

But I forgot all the physical pain when I saw the beautiful natural wonder. The Whitehaven Beach is the most beautiful beach that I had ever seen. The water is blue-green. Countless white sand is dancing with water and wind. The salty moist sea wind…I was so blessed that I was HERE.