Couchsurfing Host Janie



Janie是我在Airlie Beach的Couchsurfing Host,她持家有道,井井有條,一間大屋,Couchsurfers瞓客廳,大房租客是海員,一周只睡幾天,所以變成Airbnb,而Janie靈活運活Google Calendar,手機隨身帶,一有突發即改行程,又會在雪櫃貼上未來一周行程表:誰來?瞓邊?住多久?





在美國時,Janie逢假期就到朋友的船玩,有點航海經驗,她也很喜歡海洋,所以就到澳洲工作假期,落戶海洋之都Airlie Beach。


Janie很會照顧人,她會主動搭話,很友善;除了人類,她也很會照顧寶貝狗Hope,Hope是領養回來的狗,傻傻的很可愛,不過成日抓破沙發,有嘢食即刻乖哂,Janie抱着Hope,笑說:「Hope, you are hopeless~」









至於Aram,他生在澳洲的珀斯,在墨爾本成長,在愛麗絲泉讀書,於Airlie Beach工作;Aram的母親當然是俄羅斯公主,父親則是愛爾蘭移民,還有一個大佢4年的同母異父哥哥。

不過Aram十五歲就離家出走,嚐盡甜酸苦辣後,在愛麗絲泉重新開始,待了3年,然後到布里斯本讀大學,主修經濟與國際關係,在布里斯本待了8年,每逢假期就上父親的船,之後搬到Airlie Beach,待了2年多至今。

此屋約千多呎,2房1廁開放廚大客廳大露台,每周租金約澳幣300,連傢俬,Aram是大租客,另有George為二租客,但George在船上工作,每周只在岸上待幾天,所以airbnb 出租該房,Couchsurfers就睡客廳。





除了我,此屋還有一個Couchsurfer,是挪威妹Silje,她不讀高中,環遊世界,年少氣盛不知懼,young and beautiful。


第一晚來了2個airbnb的租客,男女朋友,女的是越南混血;男的生在巴黎,4歲到美國,到過加拿大教潛水,在秘魯森林3個月做研究,現在是澳洲工作假期第2年,已在Airlie Beach教潛水了幾個月,現在會合女友,南下布里斯本繼續玩,嘆啊~








Janie is definitely the most excellent housekeeper!


Janie is my Couchsurfing host at Airlie Beach. She organized everything in an excellent manner. The Couchsurfers are staying in the living room and the airbnb occupied the big room. Janie made a good use of Google Calendar. She carried her mobile phone all the time and she can make plans anytime. She would put up a hand-wrote calendar on the fridge showing a weeks’ timetable: Who’s the new comer? How long will they stay? Where do they stay?

Everything is clear and tidy, cool!


Janie is an American. She was a part-time nanny. She had looked after kids for a family for several years. That family would take Janie with them in their family trip. She said proudly, “I literately RAISED that baby girl,”


Janie would stay on a friend's boat for a holiday in USA. So she had a bit of sailing experience and she liked to be in the ocean. She is working holiday in Airlie Beach, Australia now.


Janie takes care of everybody, including the lovely dog, HOPE. HOPE is adorable but very naughty. It always scratches the sofa into pieces. And it became a good girl immediately if she has snacks. Janie hugs HOPE and said, "Hope, you are hopeless~!!”


Janie and her boyfriend Aram live in the same room. Janie does not have to pay the rent but she has to do all the housework and arranging Couchsurfing and Airbnb.



Aram is actually the Russian prince!


Aram’s grandmother is a member of the Russian royal family. She left Russia when the Russian revolution broke out. She met her first husband in Germany and migrated to Australia. She divorced her husband when she was 50 and marries to a Russian who can speak 6 languages. And she was an opera singer. She wrote an autobiography in Russian and her daughter translated into English and the book is about to be published. Wow, this grandma princess is COOL!


As for Aram, he was born in Perth, grew up in Melbourne, studied at Alice Springs and worked at Airlie Beach. Aram's mother was of course the Russian princess and his father was an Irish immigrant. Aram has a half mother brother who is older than him.


Aram ran away from home when he was 15 years old. He experienced a lot on street. He then moved to Alice Springs to start over. He stayed in Alice Springs for 3 years and went to Brisbane to continuous his study in college, majoring in economic and international relations. He stayed in Brisbane for 8 years and spent his holiday time on his father's boat. He had moved to Airlie Beach for2 years now.


Aram’s apartment is big. It had two rooms, one toilet, an open kitchen with a large living room and its weekly rent AUD 300. Aram rent a room to George but George worked on boat so he just stayed at home for a few days every week. That’s why George’s room is the airbnb room and the Couchsurfers sleep in the living room.

Aram thought the rent is a bit expensive so he is planning his future, he said, " I would like to do the captain exam and buy a boat."


There was another Couchsurfer in the apartment beside me. She is Silje from Norway. She drops out from high school and traveling around the world. She was young and beautiful and reckless.


We had a couple for the airbnb in the first night. The lady is a Vietnam mixed and the gentleman was born in Paris and moved to USA at 4. He had taught diving in Canada and stayed in the Peruvian forest for 3 months for a research project. He is working holiday in Australia for the second years and was teaching diving in Airlie Beach for a few months already. They are going to drive down to Brisbane.


The second night we had a mum-and-son airbnb guests. The son was working holiday in Australia and they were going to celebrate mum’s birthday in the Great Barrier Reef.

The French said, "The most important thing in this world is love."

I said, "For Asians, ‘money’ and ‘power relations’ may be the most important thing on Earth… "

The French young man rolled his eyes and said, "How come!?"

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