至於這幅畫,我覺得加點色彩在教堂的灰黑外牆應該很有趣,所以全都是彩線(無一條彩線重叠,畫得屏氣凝神!),深藍也許是夜深、也許是清晨,白點點是碎石,我想像教堂不是由人類一塊塊石叠上建造,而是由天降下的碎石組合而成,圖中的時間靜止了(still image吖嘛),碎石也許正在組合教堂,也許教堂正分裂成碎石,是起始、也是終結,視乎讀者觀點。

I was travelling in Iceland few years ago and this is Hallgrímskirkja church in Reykjavik. It was a windy day and so hard to draw so I sketched the outline of the church, took photos and went back to the hostel.
As for the colouring, light pink was the base, then the colour lines, then layers of blue and finally the white dots. The colouring was done in the hostel's lobby (no table in the room because it was the cheapest stay😅) and a South Asian guy ordered some alcohol and sat a few tables away from me and just STARING me silently for hours until I finished this picture, oh😦....
As for the concept of this picture, I just thought adding some colour on the greyish-black wall of the church should be fun. That may be at night or at dawn for the deep blue and the white dots were gravel. I imagined the church was not built by human but by gravel from sky. As it is a STILL image, the time is still. Maybe the gravel was composing the church or maybe the gravel was splitting the church. This is the beginning as well as the end, depending on your perspective.